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From conception to completion, piece by piece

Constant Compex SRL

Constant Compex is a successful company, specialized in construction works and metal compounds manufacture, and consists of a steady team of construction professionals - engineers, overseers, foremen, welders, fitters, along other complementary specializations

We believe in the value added by human resources, we are proud of our competent staff in whose training we invest regularly.

Our company also invests in equipment and technological features in order to accomplish major steel frame projects according to standards of excellence in the field.

Complex buildings and metal structures

Constant Compex provides comprehensive services for the implementation of any type of metal frame construction: design, supply of metal structures and necessary accessories, transport and professional assembly, according to technical design and construction budget.

Our company runs industrial production for metal compounds, metal structures for civil engineering and industrial buildings, girders, beams, columns, trusses, arches, tubular structures, ceilings etc.

We also perform repairs and overhaul for existing machinery for the chemical, petrochemical and cement industry. We have specialized personnel and equipment to support projects and major construction sites so that we abide by the required timeframe and technology.

We take pride in the variety of succesfully built projects, they represent our business card:

In order to build a 1000 sq. meter hall, Constant Compex proposes a 3-month execution term, calculated according to a standard technical sheet, on-site materials availability and seasonal weather conditions.

Constant Compex has also been building large scale projects, with lengthy deadlines (2 year-long construction sites), based on complex technical drawings and a multitude of structural conditionings.

3 months

Ready-to-use 1000 sq. meter hall


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Completed projects

We work with trustworthy partners in order to ensure
high execution standards.


Human resources are an important factor we paid attention to, so we invested in the professional training of our employees. The welding personnel we hire is TÜV certified, according to the European Union EN 287-1:2006 Directive.