Commercial buildings

Increased freedom in structures design

Our experience in constructing buildings, shopping centers or shops allows us to be creative with design and structure in case of commercial spaces, as well as with their presentation. Constant Compex ensures manufacturing, delivery and installation of the steel structure according to the project needs and construction deadlines.

Metal structures are recommended when building certain stores or public utility buildings due to easy set-up of working space and rapid roll-out of construction time. We are able to design and supply the main components of a metal building, details regarding the primary and secondary structure, wall and roof systems, insulation and exterior cladding systems, accessories, installations etc. We provide freedom in designing the structure according to customer requirements and the purpose of the premises.

We are able to address a wide variety of projects in the metallic frames field and provide 3D modeling design assistance in specialized programs. The digital model identifies landmarks such as: pillars, fixtures, beams, wind protection devices etc. to faithfully represent the structure to be built the assembly stages. Our criteria require rigorous calculations regarding the materials in order to ensure low running costs.

Constant Compex provides assembly within short timeframes in order to achieve ready-to-use commercial buildings. Our solutions aimed at optimal use of space, easy maintenance with minimum costs and multiple architectural models adjusted for various purposes.

When designing a building, consulting a structural engineer will determine the type of structure required based on functional and architectural requirements. Technical elements regarding the building’s compliance and the assessment of seismic forces allow us to understand why certain structures cannot be used.

Choosing the structural system must meet the requirements of earthquake protection and depends on factors such as:

  • Height - determines the type of structure
  • Use of the building - determines vertical and horizontal subdivision to ensure operating conditions and comfort
  • Building site - influences the type of foundation and building height
  • Building materials
  • Execution technology

The commercial buildings that we raise are appropriate for supermarkets, hypermarkets, showrooms, small, medium and large stores, operational centers etc. We provide technical assistance throughout the building process of a commercial space and accurate calculations regarding construction materials.