Growing sheds

Advantages for the agricultural sphere

We build metal frames for growing sheds in order to ensure ideal partitioning for storage and relevant activities. Building them may incur low transport, assembly and maintenance costs, and erecting such halls may be done quickly with the help of prefabricated materials.

Constant Compex projects aim to build growing sheds purposed according to maneuvering and storing. These sheds may include storage units and can be branched out or developed to become production halls. Cereal or fruit and vegetable sheds require certain rigorous heat and water insulation conditions in order to safely preserve the agricultural produce in controlled humidity and temperature conditions.

Growing sheds spaces can be used for storing equipment, and the shed walls can be repartitioned to deposit several types of cereals. The suggested materials are chosen in a cost-efficient manner for their versatility and resistance.

We are able to address a wide variety of projects in the metallic frames field and provide 3D modeling design assistance in specialized programs. The digital model identifies landmarks such as: pillars, fixtures, beams, wind protection devices etc. to faithfully represent the structure to be built the assembly stages. Our criteria require rigorous calculations regarding the materials in order to ensure low running costs.

Metal structures are recommended when building certain stores or public utility buildings due to easy set-up of working space and rapid roll-out of construction time. We are able to design and supply the main components of a metal building, details regarding the primary and secondary structure, wall and roof systems, insulation and exterior cladding systems, accessories, installations etc. We offer freedom in designing the structure according to customer requirements and the shed destination.

We are a reliable partner when it comes to design, execution and assembly. We complete ready-to-use buildings, ready to become operational. We achieve the treatment and coverage of surfaces, protection against corrosion by galvanizing, fireproof paint, vopsea antifoc, intumescents, etc.

The growing sheds built by Constant Compex meet all technical requirements and are customized according to the client’s agricultural or agri-zootechnical sphere.