Production halls

Design to ensure a production flow

Metal buildings provide versatility in terms of space and partitioning systems with walls, roof and technical and technological installations. Constant Compex engineers can complete any type of industrial halls for various production fields

They are built to have a long lifespan and minimal maintenance costs. In the area of metal structures for production halls, spaces are designed according to customer operations requirements. The production hall is partitioned so that it provides a steady workflow.

We are able to address a wide variety of projects in the metallic frames field and provide 3D modeling design assistance in specialized programs. The digital model identifies landmarks such as: pillars, fixtures, beams, wind protection devices etc. to faithfully represent the structure to be built the assembly stages. Our criteria require rigorous calculations regarding the materials in order to ensure low running costs.

Metal structures are recommended when building utility sheds due to easy set-up and rapid roll-out of construction time. We are able to design and supply the main components of a metal frame growing shed, the details regarding primary and secondary structure, the wall and roof systems, the insulation and exterior cladding systems, the accessories, installations etc.

We provide freedom in designing the structure according to customer requirements and the shed specifics. Constant Complex experience ensures the speedy completion of a production hall with the help of prefabricated materials and a team specialized in assembly and rendering operational.