Cereal silos

Safely storing cereals

We produce steel structure silos with flat or conical base, robustly assembled, in accordance with European safety regulations, equipped with complete accessories - stairways, doors, platforms, ventilation fans, carriers etc. - built according to variable storage parameters for different types of grain

The mission of Constant Compex mission is to provide our customers with high quality metal construction, so we can guarantee the safe operation of the stored grain at both loading and unloading. The silos we make can be equipped with monitoring and control systems, sensors for measuring temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide levels and product in storage levels.

We take into account European standards for optimal storage of cereals in terms of capacity and specifics. Metal silos are equipped with drain channels and aeration systems and ventilation fans, solid stairs (indoor and outdoor) with anti-slip steps made of galvanized steel, protective grille and resting platforms. They are equipped with doors that allow inspecting the product and accessories inside.

Building a silo involves setting foundations, storage cells, aeration and ventilation systems, loading and unloading systems, monitoring and control, electrical installations and handling equipment, plus other ancillary buildings. Silos are cost-saving solutions for grain storage, they may be of small, medium or large capacity, and our company provides consulting, design and assembly, thus making ourselves available to complete ready-to-use projects.