Warehousing and logistics sheds

Flexible and durable structures

A metal frame warehouse design includes partitioning spaces to ensure a perfect flow of incoming and outgoing freight, including office space and technical space. Projects may include areas for industrial activities with one or several wide openings, size varying depending on the particular industry.

Warehouses are functional buildings based on the optimum use of space, without supporting pillars on the inside for storage advantage, good lighting, ventilation and air conditioning. The possibility of further expansion of the hall meets the requirements for further development of the premises. The buildings we make can be insulated, not insulated or partially insulated.

We work with selected materials in terms of proven effectiveness - galvanized steel, wood and concrete, suitable for commercial construction. When designing spaces, we think in terms of wide openings, great lengths and widths between pillars, great heights, multiple entrances, sectional gates for freight transport equipment etc.

In order to adapt the premises, we add special flooring, electrical panels, lighting, heating, adjustable ramps, office space, toilets, changing rooms and other technical or inventory areas.

We are able to address a wide variety of projects in the metallic frames field and provide 3D modeling design assistance in specialized programs. The digital model identifies landmarks such as: pillars, fixtures, beams, wind protection devices etc. to faithfully represent the structure to be built the assembly stages. Our criteria require rigorous calculations regarding the materials in order to ensure low running costs.

Metal structures are recommended when building certain stores or public utility buildings due to easy set-up of working space and rapid roll-out of construction time. We are able to design and supply the main components of a metal building, details regarding the primary and secondary structure, wall and roof systems, insulation and exterior cladding systems, accessories, installations etc. We provide freedom in designing the structure according to customer requirements and the purpose of the premises.